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February 1st 2019

Does Passion Means Struggle, Misserable, Overly Romanticizing Story?

February 1st, 2019

Does Passion Means Struggle, Misserable, Overly Romanticizing Story?


For the last 20 days, I’ve been reading a lot about people defining their passion. This topic has been the talk of the digital world and turning to be a big part of youth culture today. Everything is driven by passion. You work because of passion, you struggle because of passion, you success because of passion. Passion this, passion that. I can’t help but tossing my 2 cents about this hot topic to the fountain of wish.

What the freak is passion? Why such a fuss?

To be completely honest with you, I don’t have any fancy explaination about this. I don’t have inspirational quotes under my sleeves. But I do know several people that are so passionate, whether about work or carreer or life in general. The very first person I find very passionate is Diana Rikasari. I’ve been reading her blog since 2008 and she’s still blogging regularly until now. She also manages to grow a little family and 2 fashion companies and 3 best seller books. She’s, in my opinion, an epitome of a balance life cause she checks all the boxes: great carreer and joyful personal life. The other person that has been my biggest inspiration and radiating such a strong passionate vibe is Casey Neistat. The first time I watched him being a content contributor for Vogue Met Gala back in 2015. Then I discovered a true gem on Casey’s youtube chanel: his adventure movie called Make It Counts. That movie was the beginning of everything for me. That movie is the core of my own journey, the one that sparked my passion. Then he produced some more movies that were like, the answers for all of my unsettling doubt and midnight thoughts.

So, what happen?

Watching, following and observing both of them have given me a realization about this subject. Why do some people can find their passion early on? Why do some others struggling about finding the answer? I think I’m gonna go with something so simple, something that is open for more perspectives to come, to keep reinventing itself as you grow. Passion is a state of love. When you are passionate about it, you’ll learn to love it, almost unconditionally. It always in your mind, it always stays as your heart beating fast thinking about so many amazing ideas in your mind you want to make them true. To have or find passion is to be in love. And to grow passion you need commitment and consistency.

Is this some overly romanticizing story? Probably. Should you throw away everything you have now to chase after passion? Not really. I think all you have to do is loving what you have now, then look deeper to find something that becomes the source of your joy. Once you succesfully identify it, nurture it by commiting to master it and consistently building your personal brand. After all, it’s a state of love, it will naturally come to you as you and your soul grow kinder and wiser.

I can guess your next question: how do I make a living out of my passion? Well, take it easy dear friends. For now let’s just let this idea sits still in your mind. Embrace it for now, as you can’t rush love, right? 😉