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This year, 2020, has been doing some extensive irrevocably changes to humanity. Outdoor activity becomes irrelevant, and everyone is ordered to stay inside. This pandemic COVID19 pushes people to utilize the best use of the internet from working to socially gathering. Moreover, to stop the spread of the virus, eating out is no longer a choice, and shopping at the supermarket is no longer safe. During this difficult time, some of the people are crafting their skills in cooking. Even though you have zero skill in cooking, does not mean that surviving quarantine will be difficult. Start practicing to make your meals with the easiest and cheapest ingredients, egg!

This delicacy is widely known at its versatility as one meal or a complimentary for other dishes. Especially in Japan, the egg has been on the list for staple food since a long time ago. Not only good for your taste buds, but it is also great for your body. Rich in protein, vitamins, and mineral, making egg as an everyday meal is an ‘egg’cellent choice. According to current scientific research, consuming a maximum three eggs every day is perfectly safe for the human body.

Without further ado, let that jazzy hands make their ways to provide your belly some good bites. Here are five basic methods of cooking eggs, check it out:

To Be Hard or To Be Soft? The Egg Is Boiled

This one is a piece of cake for anybody to try. Insufficient skill in cooking will not make anyone fail to cook this one. This dish only needs three things, water, pot, and stove, or one if you already have slow-cooker. Put the egg inside the water and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. The longer it is, the more hard-boiled the egg will be.


Tossed-Everything Baked Egg

Beside baking that instant brownies, get your oven to bake this comforting treat. Prepare the oven-safe bowl, and crack some eggs into it. Toss some beef bacon or sausage, bread, garlic, also salt and pepper, this dish is going to make a better day from the quarantine. Bake in preheated 163o C for approximately 12 minutes, and it is ready to be served.


Scrambled Buttery Egg

Grab the pan and butter, let that egg scrambled delicately. Before that, making a tasty egg mixture is highly needed to make the result even better. Beat one or two eggs in a bowl, drop two tablespoons of milk or water, then season it with salt and paper. This egg mixture is ready to go on your hot buttery pan. Don’t forget to stir casually!


All Weather-All Condition Fried Egg

From Sunny Side-Up, Omelet to Omelet Soufflé, fried eggs are ‘egg’ceptionally easy to make. Crack the egg on the hot pan, it’s Sunny-Side-Up. Mix the egg with salt and pepper and fry it on a pan, it is simple Omelet. Lastly, better spare some effort to create this heavenly Omelet Soufflé by beating the egg up with milk and seasonings until it becomes fluffy and light then put the mixture on the hot pan, and voila your Soufflé like Omelet is ready!


Precarious Poached Egg

A bit different from the other, making a poached egg is kind of tricky. First, prepare a pot with a generous amount of boiled water. Put a pinch of salt on the boiling water. Next crack the egg on a saucer, then slip it slowly to the boiling water. Cook until the white covers the egg, and the yolk texture is in between soft and hard. Grab the egg with a ladle and drain the water. The shape might be uneven with its angel hair, but the taste is satisfying.

Fulfilling hunger in a quarantine situation is not a big deal with these egg life-hacks. It is also perfect to drive you passionately throughout the day. Who could have thought, this inexpensive great source of protein could be a savior anytime for a rumble in your tummy. Plus, there are also some positive benefits that the body will receive, such as, healthier skin, boosted immunity, good memory, and also feeling fuller longer. At last, stay healthy, and may you have an amazing ‘egg’sperience every day!