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January 7th, 2019

Welcome to Get Set Go

January 7th, 2019

Welcome to Get Set Go

We’ve been dreaming about a space where everyone can be a person he/she’s visioned to be — a person who lives inside your head, inside your imagination, a person who is truly you. We imagine it will be like an underground Jazz Club, where everyone is a corporate lawyer by day and a Jazz musician by night. But it’s still you.

That’s the fun thing about interest and passion: it can be anything. Only the sky is the limit to who you can be. The sad thing about them is often being forgotten because, let’s say, life happens. But the dog day is over and now is the time for you to step on the stage and steal the show. We are here to be a melting pot for many creative and passionate individuals, direct a movement to empower your own self to create something based on entrepreneurship mind and supporting the growth of creative industries in Indonesia.

For the dreamer

For the creator

For the hard worker

For the brave

and for the believer,

this is for you.

Now are you ready?

Get set…go!